Take a Quiz

Take this questionnaire and see how you score.

Scoring: None – 0

                   Some – 1

                   A lot – 2


___ Spent time thinking about myself and my future education and work.

___ Talked with my parents/friends about what I might do.

___ Examined literature from trade schools, colleges or universities.

___ Read a number of brochures or books about occupations.

___ Read career materials in the library or borrowed them to take home.

___ Sent for literature about educational programs of interest

___ Watched TV programs or listened to radio programs about careers.

___ Talked with family and friends about their careers.

___ Talked with the School Counsellor and/or Career Advisor about what I might do.

___ Visited trade schools, colleges or universities.

___ Visited exhibits, which give information about careers.

___ Taken Planning in school.

___ Read material on occupations that interest me.

___ Talked to instructors about the occupations that interest me.

___ Surfed the internet allowing my hobbies and career interests to guide me.

___ Spent time in the Career Centre in school.

___ Attended the various Post-Secondary Information sessions in school.

Add up your scores and see what they mean:

24-30 : Good Planning, research institutions that offer your programs of interest

18-23: Still some planning to do – a good start though!

12-17: Need to become organized and focused!

Less than 12NEED HELP!

What can you do immediately to step up your career planning?

Book an appointment with Mrs. Kerr  (Career Information Advisor) at the Counselling Centre.

Monday to Thursday: 10:30am – 3:30pm