Plans After High School

“My Plans After High School”

  • Complete the questions for either A, B, or C that follow, whichever best matches your post-secondary plans:

A.      Attending Post-Secondary School

  • What is your post-secondary school of choice AND why? (If more than one, list them in order with top preference first).
  • Provide evidence of any research you conduct (ed) as you decide(d) what school to attend after high school.
  • What are the entrance requirements of the program(s) you applied to? (List these).
  • Provide copies of evidence that shows your application process such as letters sent to the school/applications/scholarship applications, acceptance letters etc.

B.      Working After High School

  • What field of work are you interested in? Why?
  • List the organizations you hope to apply to.
  • Complete a copy of a job application (could be for the job you hope to have after high school or a recent one).
  • Write (type) a cover letter for the type of position you plan to have after high school. For help with writing a cover letter, see your Grad Transitions Leader.

C.      Travelling After High School

  • What has influenced your decision to travel?
  • Outline your travel plans (be as specific as possible), including how long you will be away.
  • List the travel requirements you will need (i.e. special travel equipment, clothing, medical insurance, travel/work visa, passport, inoculations etc.)