Career-Cruising Assignment

“Please see your Career Advisor or Grad Transitions Teacher for the Username and Password for Steveston-London”.

Use the following to help you navigate Career Cruising. If you encounter any difficulties, see your school’s Career Information Advisor.

  1. From the Main screen, click on EXPLORE CAREERS, then click on CAREER SELECTOR.
  2. Select your favourite SCHOOL SUBJECTS (preferably  2 to 3 choices).
  3. Click on OCCUPATION CLUSTER. Select 2 to 3 areas in which you would be interested in working.
  4. Click on EDUCATION. Select the type(s) of education you have attained or plan to pursue.
  5. Click on CORE TASKS. Be sure to read all 20 Core Tasks. Choose 3 to 5 tasks you would like to do regularly at work.
  6. Click on EARNINGS. Select the minimum level of income you would like to make. (Remember that selecting high levels of income may eliminate many careers that you might otherwise find interesting.)
  7. Click on WORKING CONDITIONS. Select working conditions you could NOT tolerate.
  8.  Now click on VIEW RESULTS to see careers that match your selections. (Note: If you receive zero matches, try selecting a lower EARNINGS level, or changing some of your other selections. Then click on VIEW RESULTS again).
  9. Print up your list of career suggestions. Simply select the Print option on your web browser.
  10. Now you can browse through your list of career matches. To learn more about a career, simply click on it.
  11. After browsing through the careers, select TWO that you are seriously interested in pursuing and PRINT OUT the information FOR BOTH. Be realistic; don’t choose ones that clearly require more education/training than you have or think you might get in the future. FOR BOTh career options, write down THREE REASONS explaining why it appeals to you AND outline the following for each:
  • Tasks people do on the job.
  • Working Conditions
  • Earnings
  • Education/training requirements
  • A sample career path