Presentation-Graduation Transition

  1. Make sure your Graduation Transitions Plan is up to date if you have not already done so. Ensure that it reflects your current goals and plans.
  2. Book an appointment to see your counsellor in the Guidance Office. It is highly recommended that you book an appointment as soon as possible and prior to April 1.
  3. Your appointment with your counsellor will be your presentation. You must prepare for it by rehearsing the various components of your Graduation Transitions Plan. Be prepared to answer any questions that the counsellor might have and be prepared to point out for the counsellor the various aspects of your transition plan.
  4. Have your counsellor sign the form below to verify that you have completed your presentation.
  5. Hand in this completed and signed presentation form to the Main Office in the box labelled Grad Transitions IN box. Once it is marked, it will be placed in the OUT box. Make sure you pick it up, as this is your evidence of completion of this aspect. Check the updated spreadsheets to ensure your completion has been recorded.

**If you have any questions see Ms. Sullivan in room 603.

Name: ______________________________________

Student Number: __________________________________ Grade: _____________________

I verify that _______________________ has completed his/her Grad Transition Plan Presentation to me, to my satisfaction.

Counsellor’s signature:___________________________________________

Date: _______________________________