Work/Volunteer Experience

30 Hours of Work/Volunteer Experience

  1. Fill in all of the information requested in the package. Please note that if you have a number of volunteer positions, you should fill in the last sheet in the package. Have one of the supervisors of one of your volunteer experiences fill in the evaluation for you.
  2. You must thoughtfully respond in writing to each of the questions in the Self-Evaluation and Reflection section.
  3. Provide a business card from your employer, a letter, pay stub or some other piece of evidence that can verify your participation in the work/volunteer experience.
  4. Put your completed package in the box labeled Grad Transitions IN box. When it is marked, it will go into the OUT box. Make sure you pick it up in the Main Office once marked because this is your evidence that you have completed it. The next time the spreadsheets are updated, check to make sure your completion of this aspect has been recorded/checked off.

**If you have any questions please see Ms. Sullivan in Room 603.