Grade 9-12 Planning

Students can start exploring some potential career areas related to either the subjects they excel at in school or based on their interests. Career Cruising is a helpful “Interest” based tool. Career Cruising:

Please visit the Career Centre for the User Name and Password

Suggested Timelines:

Grade 9/10:

* Start exploring career or program goals with your parents

* Watch programs or read about the various careers that you are interested in.

* Learn to conduct an “Informational Interview” with an adult who is in a profession/career that you have an interest in. See your Career Advisor for tips on questions to ask.

* Meet with your Counsellor or Career Advisor to discuss your Educational Path. Find out about any pre-requisite Gr 11 & 12 courses that you might need for your program/career.

* Research Institutions offering the program you are interested in.

* Attend the lunch hour Post-Secondary Information Sessions at Steveston-London

* Take Planning 10

* Get involved in extra-curricular activities in/and outside of school. This will help with “Broad Based” admission requirements of Universities. Remember that “Quality” of involvement is more important than a “Quantity” of activities.

For Volunteer Opportunities check the Richmond based volunteer group – Richmond Cares/Richmond Gives:

Grade 11:

All of the above steps and

* Research carefully the program requirements for the post-secondary institutions of interest to you. Understand that requirements can change.

* Check the General requirements as well as the English Language requirements for the institution.

* Attend the Canadian Universities Event at McMath (Fall) if you plan on studying in a university outside of BC.

* Continue attending the lunch hour Post-Secondary Information Sessions at SLSS

* Attend the Gr 12 Parents Information Evening during the Fall at school

Grade 12:

All of the above steps and

* Meet with your Counsellor or Career Advisor to discuss your post-secondary plans

* Make an honest assessment of your grades and check the various institution’s average grade ranges to see if you qualify to apply.

* Familiarize yourself with the terminology and deadlines. Separate deadlines for “Broad Based” or “Supplemental” applications may apply.

* Apply to a College close to the application date as possible as registration to University Transfer Programs and some Selective Entry Programs is on a “first-come first-serve” basis. University bound students are advised to apply to a college as a “back-up” plan.

* Continue with the Post-Secondary Check List (Grade 12)

* Determine if you need to write any Entrance Tests

* In November or early December, you may now apply to ALL Canadian universities: When applying, you must pay your application fee so that your application will be processed. Do not forget to print out your application confirmation.

* Make sure you meet your Grad Transition requirements for graduation.

NOTE: Grade 12 students & parents can read the B.C. Dogwood Planner

For Volunteer Opportunities check the Richmond based volunteer group – Richmond Cares/Richmond Gives:

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